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Ruth's Chris SteakTemperature Guide

Follow the Sizzle! Just perfect. No More. No Less.

The best cuts of beef available. Broiled for an exact time at 1800 degrees Farenheit. A pinch of salt. A dash of ground pepper. Fresh butter. A touch of parsley. That's all it takes to reach perfection. No need for exotic spices or heavy sauces. Just salt, pepper and whole butter. When a steak is this good, it needs nothing else.


Our piéce de résistance, the Ruth's Chris Filet is the most tender, elegant steak available. Carved from the prized tenderloin, the Filet is the most popular steak on our menu. Our signature Filet is 12 ounces, and we also offer the smaller but equally tender 8-ounce Petite Filet.

New York Strip

The New York Strip is a firm, well-marbled steak cut from the heart of the sirloin. Our 16-ounce New York Strip is packed with unbelievable flavor, so much so that many consider it our most flavorful cut of meat.

Porterhouse for Two

A much larger version of the T-Bone, the Porterhouse at Ruth's is tasty enough to eat by yourself but is probably best shared by two. The Porterhouse got its name from old English pubs, where it was served alongside porter, ale and stout beers. Like the T-Bone, it combines the New York Strip and Filet, only on a much larger scale. The Porterhouse served at Ruth's Chris is a hefty 40 ounces.


A tasty and tender steak, the Ribeye offers the great texture of fine steak. The Ribeye has the most marbling of any prime cut, and therefore it has superior tenderness and intense flavor. At Ruth' Chris, the Ribeye is always USDA Prime. We offer a 16-ounce Ribeye, as well as a 22-ounce bone-in Cowboy Ribeye.


Cut from the midsection of the short loin, the Ruth's Chris T-bone is a classic cut of USDA Prime beef. The T-Bone combines two steaks in one - a flavorful New York Strip on one side of the "T" and a tender Filet on the other. Served on the bone for added flavor, the T-bone offers the best of both steaks. We serve 24-ounce T-Bone steaks.